Keith Manich – Medical Massage Therapist (LMT)

KeithManichKeith’s style of bodywork/massage has evolved over 30+ years of hands-on experience in medical clinics, spa settings, and his private practice. His work has culminated into a combination of bodywork techniques that enable the client to be comfortable without experiencing pain during the treatment, allowing the client’s body to relax and heal. Most always, the client is fully clothed. Keith’s work is based on osteopathic principles of massage training under the mentorship of Dr. Joel Alter, DO, along with many other physicians who work with the alleviation of chronic pain.

Benefits of Massage
Besides lowering anxiety and loosening tense muscles, massage therapy can boost concentration and work performance, speed recovery of strained muscles and sprained ligaments, reduce muscle spasms, provide greater joint flexibility and range of motion, enhance athletic performance, improve circulation of blood and movement of lymph fluids, reduce blood pressure, help relieve tension-related headaches, strengthen the immune system, enhance rehabilitation of post operations and rehabilitation after injury, and most importantly, lessen chronic pain.

Sessions with Keith may vary, depending on the needs of the patient.  Keith stays current with ongoing trainings in his practice to better serve his clients. OR License #12489





“Keith is the finest massage therapist I have ever worked with. I have known him for over 20 years, first as a colleague, in my medical office, then for personal health maintenance. He keeps me moving, despite old knees and various myofascial contractions. His experience with body healing modalities is extensive, including osteopathic principles, and he is able to bring all to the table. I am well past retirement age, and his regular visits are a big part of keeping me working, without pain and stiffness.”
Dr. C. Quincy, DO, Santa Rosa CA

“After many years in the construction industry, my work has taken a toll on my body. I am astounded how Keith has been able to provide relief for my joints that are out of alignment and stiff muscles with minimal discomfort. His knowledge of how to manipulate and find the area to relieve my pain is amazing. I recommend Keith to anyone looking for a qualified massage therapist with the strength to realign their body”.
DM, Medford OR

“… I need relief from pain in my knees and shoulders. His knowledge of body mechanics and his physical strength allow him to realign my joints with no personal discomfort. He actively communicates what he is doing and listens to my questions and concerns. I find my relief has been immediate. I highly recommend Keith …”
KM, Medford OR

“Keith is an exceptional massage therapist who has a great awareness of the body. He instinctively knows where to massage to alleviate my pain, focusing on its source… I always feel refreshed and energized each time I leave his quiet and nurturing sanctuary”.
DW, Medford OR

“Keith is amazing, he goes right to the problem and works until it releases. He is as good as any osteopath. I have had shoulder and neck issues for years and I always find relief from Keith. You can count on his sessions to be thorough and effective – he will get you out of pain. I am so glad I found Keith and I consider him to be a gift in my life”.
LG, Ashland OR

“I have found Keith’s treatments to be noninvasive and very gentle. He’s able to quickly locate the tension and allow the muscles to easily relax and unwind under his soothing touch. Keith is an incredible practitioner. I highly recommend him”.
DW, Ashland OR

“In the Hands of a Master….. is how I describe Keith’s work. I have been to over 100 healers and countless doctors over the years with little to no results at addressing or understanding my condition, due to a gymnastic accident 40 years ago. After several consecutive sessions, Keith has allowed my body to be well on its way to healing. Keith is a Body Worker like no other. We are so fortunate to have such a Master available for us in the Medford area”.
LC, Ashland ORKeithManich5