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Medical and Clinical Therapy

Automobile accidents can be very traumatic and life-altering, and if you don’t recognize the symptoms of physical injury, such as hip or ankle pain, your structural integrity can be compromised and cause increasing levels of pain over even a long period of time.

Most doctors and chiropractors generally prescribe physical therapy to assist with injury recovery, but over the past couple years our clients have shared that they did not complete the program due to high levels of pain when following directions.  This is where clinical or medical massage can initially be beneficial; we help de-sensitize the nervous system, bring down swelling and minimize inflammation while helping muscle tissue recover. Subsequent physical therapy is then more successful and there is a greater chance the patient will follow through a PT program to completion.

The Licensed Myotherapist at Rogue Health is quite aware of how such an experience can impact your health and is trained to address your injuries quickly and effectively.  We bill your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policy, provide chart notes and work with your health care provider to ensure that you receive needed care.

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Because one health insurance processing company found numerous ways to not compensate our practitioners, we have found it to be detrimental to our business model to accept Healthnet, Aetna, Cigna and others processing through American Specialty Health (ASH). We are contracted with Pacific Source, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), however your policy may not include massage therapy.  Let us help ensure coverage – we are happy to call your insurance provider to verify coverage.

If your care is due to a prior motor vehicle accident whereby the PIP coverage has been exhausted or has expired, your health insurance may be required to cover your care with a prescription. It may help with health insurance coverage if you provide a prescription for medical necessity, so please give your health care provider our PRESCRIPTION FORM and ask them to fax it to the number on the form. Otherwise we are happy to take payment by cash, check or major credit card and provide you with a receipt including medical coding which may be submitted with your annual tax filing as medical expenses.