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Myotherapy is a term used in the health field as a more clinical term for soft tissue manipulation, otherwise known as massage. According to the Touch Research Institute of the University of Miami, human touch can have physical and emotional as well as social impacts in infants through seniors. For practitioners, this work changes their lives and is deeply moving on an emotional level. For their clients, years of chronic pain can disappear in one session, or they may even release an emotion from an occurrence during childhood.

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There is a long list of modalities of bodywork, ranging from medical massage through relaxation techniques, to aromatherapy and energy work. If you have never experienced a massage, it is vital that you have a discussion with your practitioner of choice to decide whether they posses the skill set with which you are comfortable, or find would help you.

No one practitioner could learn every offering in the field, so it is important to do your research. The two major organizations in the profession are the AMTA – American Massage Therapy Association, and ABMP – American Bodywork and Massage Practitioners. I belong to AMTA as well as the American Holistic Medical Association because I want to provide you with as much information as you need, and these organizations help me do that. I continue to attend continuing education classes, an addiction of mine since becoming certified in 1993.

One aspect of this profession is to listen to the client, to understand where they are physically and emotionally, and to address those as best I can. Many people today are embarrassed by their physical structure and thus wish to remain clothed. Many were sexually abused as children or physically abused as adults – both men and women. Some have even experienced a societal phenomenon of rejection due to disabilities. I want you to understand that my table, and my office, are a safe place to not only discuss these issues so that I can be mindful of emotions bubbling to the surface during a session, but also because this information very much determines how I work with you.

Practitioners look at the body in wonder and are very much attuned to finding a way to ease pain, enable movement and calm the client. Seasoned professionals don’t look at the client’s body in a sexual way, they aren’t judgmental of the extra weight or imbalances that appear in your morning mirror. And believe it or not – if there is a bodily function, it has likely occurred on their table. It takes hundreds of hours of training, college level anatomy and physiology, pathology, lectures, late nights with caffeine, study groups, online research, practice sessions and more just to become licensed.

What started for me as a way to help my husband relax from his high-stress position became a passion and way of life for me, even more so when my older son was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and I saw first-hand what this work did for him. I take that same level of care to my clients. Become one today!

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