We at Rogue Health LLC proudly use in-office and offer for sale the following product lines:

– Naturulz “Ultimate Healing Cream”, “Total Body Wellness” and “Total Foot Repair”

– Charlotte’s Web hemp oil (Stanley Brothers)

– Apothecary Shoppe Herbs, Homeopathy and Essential Oils

doTERRA Essential Oils

– Young Living Essential Oils

–¬†Energetix Homeopathics and Spagyric Botanicals

– Tiger Balm

Nikken Biaxial Powermag, magnetic sleep mask

– HeartMath(TM), Hemi-Sync(TM) and other sound therapy CDs

Biomat, Nikken magnetic sleep pad and FAR Infrared Comforter

Recommended to grow your own health!  The Tower Garden

If you are interested in purchasing any of these items for home use please ask us about them!