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Testimonials from Our Clients

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Here are some testimonials from our clients;

“I went to Rogue Health and had some bodywork done, and it was some of the best therapeutic massage I have ever had.  Therese is a highly skilled practitioner who uses a variety of different modalities to heal people, and her clinic is staffed by several other practitioners offering everything from Acupuncture to Hypnosis.  She is also very knowledgeable when it comes to diet and lifestyle, and is always willing to share her knowledge with others.  She is a compassionate and caring person who I would recommend to anyone looking for real healing.” – Christopher L.

“Miraculous — one word sums it up.  Plagued by a troublesome back for months my problem was solved in just one visit!  I am a big fan and would highly recommend Therese’s work to anyone seeking relief.  Couldn’t be happier.”

“If you have never had a massage before and want to feel safe and secure, but most of all, lots better leaving than when you entered, please make an appointment with Therese Holliday.  You’ll be so happy you did.  She’s the best as well as nice and very knowledgeable!”

“I went in for an ionic foot cleanse, wow.  The space was dimly lit, calming water in the background and natural light coming in.  I felt amazing after getting a little attention on the feet and the science behind the machine was incredible.  Highly recommend Rogue Health as a cornerstone in your families health plan.”

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