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  • Biofeedback - Electrodermal Screening

    We use an electro-dermal screening system called SpectraVision SV2 Insight including lasers and sound-light therapy, along with accompanying cutting edge software Bionetics(TM) to determine imbalances in your body -both physical and emotional- to then investigate how to assist in balancing your body's frequencies with natural remedies from Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Plant Stem Cells, and much more...

    We are honored to offer a variety of holistic products from The New Human  product family These include:
    Celicore (Plant Stem Cells), Cell Salts
    Flexatone (Essential Oils), Flower Essences & Pure Essences
    Genophasic (Energetic Micro-Dosed Botanicals)
    Heart Layer Harmonizers (Rose Oils: Trauma)
    Lymph Care (Botanicals), Nutraceuticals
    Oligos (Trace Minerals), Phenocare (Sensitivities)
    Profusion (Laser Light Essences)
    Protogenx (Custom-Imprinted Energetics)
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