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  • Biofeedback - Electrodermal Screening

    As an at-home option for our clients, we offer a new medical device from Germany called "Healy",
    which basically balances your body's frequencies in the privacy of your life!  To purchase or learn more please go HERE. (Starts Feb 2020)
    You may also rent a choice of devices from us as well as request an add-on service during bodywork sessions. Please contact us for more details!

    In office, we use an electro-dermal screening system called SpectraVision SV2 Insight including lasers and sound-light therapy, along with accompanying cutting edge software Bionetics(TM) to determine imbalances in your body -both physical and emotional- to then investigate how to assist in balancing your body's frequencies w
    ith natural remedies from Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Plant Stem Cells, and much more...

    We are honored to offer a variety of holistic products from The New Human  product family These include:
    Celicore (Plant Stem Cells), Cell Salts
    Flexatone (Essential Oils), Flower Essences & Pure Essences
    Genophasic (Energetic Micro-Dosed Botanicals)
    Heart Layer Harmonizers (Rose Oils: Trauma)
    Lymph Care (Botanicals), Nutraceuticals
    Oligos (Trace Minerals), Phenocare (Sensitivities)
    Profusion (Laser Light Essences)
    Protogenx (Custom-Imprinted Energetics)
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