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      Cynthia Setterlund - Master Transformational Life Coach

Your life is a reflection of your beliefs.  These beliefs, usually subconscious,
are the cumulative effect of life-long "programming", and as a result of
conditioning, we sometimes think and behave in self-defeating ways. 
Conscious thoughts can be changed easily by receiving information: 
reading a book, having a conversation, or seeing the results of actions. 
If conscious information was all that was needed, then experiencing
success in all areas of life would be easy.  Unless changes are made
at the subconscious level, however, repeating undesired reactions
and behaviors will likely continue.


Subconscious beliefs have far-reaching consequences, both positive
and negative, in every aspect of life.  They affect moods, relationships,
job performance, self-esteem, and even physical health. It is imperative
to know how to change limitations into beliefs that support goals and
aspirations.  The best way to predict your future is to design it!

What sets me apart in the transformation field is the extensive training in various types of targeted sessions recognized in the medical and psychological fields addressing physical, mental and emotional challenges.


It sounds so cliche when I say I love what I do, but it is nevertheless true. 

I honestly receive a great deal of personal satisfaction when I witness someone break though their roadblocks and start tapping into their potential, overcome their hurdles and start manifesting their vision.  This is priceless to me. I'm here to support you in your vision and we will navigate together one success at a time. I believe we are so much greater than we know, we just need to align ourselves with our unlimited potential. With clear intention, solid goals and an action plan, anything is possible. Our sessions together are All About You!


Deep down, people really do know what they want, often they just don't recognize it or have a hard time taking that first step. That is where I come in to assist you.  We look at your strengths and what is holding you back from your ideal life. We capitalize your strengths and examine your challenges, which could be ingrained old patterns:  negative self talk, low self-worth, low self-confidence, or feeling unworthy. We work with each other in changing old patterns to clean, fresh  perspectives of your choosing. I have learned over the past 20+ years different modalities and techniques that have helped me and others to create healthy positive balance. 

The first step is to resolve inside yourself that you are ready for change.  Are you ready?

Clients I serve:

  • Have a true desire to transform life

  • Have a lot of potential and can't seem to achieve goals

  • Want perceived chaos in life to go away

  • Want more control over employment, relationships an opportunities

  • Want physical, mental, spiritual emotional balance in life

Modalities I practice may help you:

  • Recognize, release and transcend self-critical and self-defeating life challenges and patterns

  • Balance various types of pain and trauma, reduce stress and anxiety

  • Uncover core reasons stopping you from reaching your full potential
  • Achieve your personal goals through motivation, encouragement and accountability
  • Change your internal script from limiting thoughts to productive, successful actions
  • Eliminate obstacles to achieving goals
  • Accelerate spiritual development
  • Increase self-confidence, self-worth
  • Develop healthy self-esteem
  • Create and strengthen boundaries
  • Clear trapped emotions and clarify goals
  • Give yourself the permission to do what you love
  • Take initiative now to create the life you want




  • Transformational Life Coaching, Master Certification

  • Integrated Energy Therapy(R)  (Stevan Thayer)

  • Applied Psychology Healing(R) (The Healer, Dr. Dina Evan)

  • Psych-K(R)  (Rob Williams)

  • The Emotion Code(R)  (Dr. Bradley Nelson)

  • Pranic Healing(R)  (Teresa Evans, RN)

  • Usui Reiki(R)

  • EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique(R)


"A while back I woke up to find the left side of my neck swollen.  This was the second time in two months I had experienced this phenomenon.  Having had mumps as a child, I knew that wasn't what was going on, but the swelling was very similar.  A very intuitive woman told me that it had to do with speaking.  I shared with Cynthia, that when I was 6, I was tiptoeing through the living room because my Dad was watching TV and I was afraid of making him angry, so I used to walk on my tiptoes around him all the time.  He yelled at me and told me never to walk like that again.  This incident apparently caused me to feel unworthy and afraid to speak my truth.  Cynthia did a session with me and cleared this trauma.  It was very cleansing and I have not experienced the swelling again.  I am thrilled with the results and highly recommend Cynthia for her healing abilities!"
- Holly Peterson

"When I came to Cynthia I was blocked and very limited by belief systems that no longer served me.  I knew I had a lot of work to do to achieve the life of my full potential.
Cynthia made the journey easier and gave me immediate positive results.  Her beautiful, compassionate soul was eager to assist my growth and she was genuinely excited about my progress.
After only two sessions I felt dramatic shifts.  Immediately I opened up to the love I was desiring.  I found subtle joy and gratitude on a daily basis.  Lifetime depression lifted and I regained self-worth.
Cynthia is an extremely gifted intuitive healer.  I highly recomment Cynthia to enrich your life!"
- Anonymous, AZ

"Cynthia had a tough job ahead of her.  It was to assist me in clearing something that has been weighing me down for a good while now. With the combination of her extensive expertise in Psych-K and her precise intuition, Cynthia has helped me beyond measure.  I am now quite relieved of the foreboding issue I was carrying, and I feel so much better!  Isn't that what we all want?  I wanted to feel better, to not have the problem anymore.  Going to Cynthia, working with her, not against her, to let go of what no longer serves me... that was the best thing I could do.  Thank you, Cynthia!  Love and Light!"
- Shari G.,  AZ

"I would like to thank you for our work together.  I feel I have no greater advocate!  Your gentle and perceptive approach has helped me release my limitations and discover a clearer, more directed self.  I am very grateful and excited to witness and engage in my metamorphosis.  Blessings be to God!"
- Jane

"First, let me say that I love your gatherings!  The energy is so warm and inviting that it is truly a pleasure to be there.  I think you are a gracious host and talented speaker.  You spoke with passion and true concern.  On a personal note I needed to hear about walking the walk, aligning my daily life with spiritual practices and listening more to my inner voice. ...You have so much knowledge and passion, and I look forward to hearing you elaborate on your work."
- Linda

"THIS DOES WORK!  I worked with Cynthia via core balance and two other sessions for a couple different issues.  The core balance is very intense in a few ways and the time it takes, but so worth it!  The sessions addressed some difficult issues, and my participation was vital I believe.  I also did my affirmations more than suggested.  The changes didn't happen overnight, however I did feel differently as I left the first session.  The work has left me a lot stronger and really taken root lately.  I am able to clearly ask for things I need now, from clients and friends, and also clearly state boundaries.  This is a huge improvement for me!  I can't thank Cynthia enough - it has truly changed my life!"

- Karen Almand

"The 'secret to life' is BELIEF.  Rather than genes, it is  our beliefs that control our lives. 
(R) is a set of simple, self-empowering techniques to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level." 
-Bruce Lipton
PhD Cellular Biology, Author of Biology of Belief

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