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Darlene Dill - Certified Hypnotherapist

Darlene has worked in the medical field for over two decades, including Cardiology, and has personally seen the impact of the heart's challenges on a person's health and well-being.  For several years and now periodically, she has engaged in crisis support for women during life changing events such as grief for loss of persons and animals, divorce, domestic violence, custody issues, legal issues, etc.  She has a passion for helping others and finds hypnosis can be an excellent path to healing!

Hypnosis in a non-pharmaceutical way of addressing mental/emotional challenges and works with a person who is conscious but in a deep state of relaxation.  Brainwaves scanned of someone undergoing a hypnotic session are different than a brain scan of someone who does deep meditation.  Hypnosis bypasses the conscious and subconscious mind to address thought patterns, habits or traumatic impact.

- Addictions {Drinking-Gambling-Smoking]
- Anxiety
- Behaviors
- Depression

- Eating / Weight Management
- Fear
- Pain
- Sleep
- Sports Performance
- Stress

- Trauma / Abuse

- Degenerated physical tissues (beyond repair)

- Psychosis/Mental Illness


"Amazing first experience with hypnosis. Darlene was very professional explaining the procedure. I was feeling anxiety, frustration, and felt that my brain had shut down after taking an exam and not passing. Even though I tried studying, my mind was not retaining information and my mind would be everywhere but on my studying. After the hypnosis I felt calm, relaxed and refreshed. That night I was able to study for more than 3 hours straight and felt I was retaining the information.  I was more confident and relaxed. Darlene had given me tips on what to do when I would take my test and to be able to relax and not shut down. I have passed my test and I have to say Darlene was AMAZING. Thank you so much!"  -Alma G.

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