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Investing in your employees has been proven to have a very positive return on investment for companies willing to take this step as another means to improve the overall well-being of the company while improving life for the employees!  Demo HERE 
"Poor Health" Costs

Increases Productivity

Employees who feel better tend to have more energy, be able to think clearer and complete more tasks on time.  Better sleep and healthier habits contribute to clearer thinking!

Improves Attendance

Less sick days and overall improvement in health status allow employees to be present at work physically, mentally and emotionally.  Improved morale is a result!

Reduces Healthcare Costs

Healthcare agencies are known to provide discounts for policies of companies providing wellness programs for their employees!

Improves Teamwork

Productivity and collaboration improve greatly when a team works coherently.  This is possible when the bar is raised through healthier habits and collective accountability!

Reduces Stress Levels

Through stress reduction techniques, employees can learn to self regulate through emotional challenges.  Appropriate nutrition and supplementation can also help!

Improves Employee Engagement

When employees feel better overall, it shows in their productivity.  Helping each other be accountable creates a common bond focused on positive results not only with health but also with their occupational duties.

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Therese Holliday, CHHP


Thank you for considering this benefit for your workforce.  Please contact us to discuss options for your organization.  Depending on your level of interest, we can create a program that best suits your unique wants and needs.  A healthier workforce benefits both employer and employee.  Let us help you improve life for everyone!
Call or text (936) 727-7474 to start the conversation!

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